Or Nue goldwork and Blackwork


Not quite traditional

This was a pattern from Zweigart, but I didn’t want to do it in black.  So I decided that shades of blue would look good with my pink evenweave fabric – voila!


This was started at an Or Nue workshop at the Embroiderers’ Guild.  I didn’t really take to Or Nue, we have a bit of a mixture of techniques here.

We have a goldwork  workshop in a few months, and I am hoping that I will be able to get a place on it.  I have a project in mind, and a bit of tuition and inspiration wouldn’t go amiss

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I sometimes wonder, do other embroiderers have the same problems as I do? 

I know we all have stashes – fabrics, threads, other things we have bought when we have seen them at a show, and books.   And unfinished projects.   And projects not yet started

Sometimes I have to put things away, so we can decorate the room, or because we are going on holiday.   But when I have to break off, I never have the same enthusiasm, when I am able to start again, particularly when the project is a big one.  Or when I have had a good idea, or something else is needed for a deadline.  (Exhibition, competition etc.)  Or when I have seen a demo of something I want to try out (not necessarily embroidery).

But do we also have a stash of plans and ideas?

My stash of ideas is growing.  I will have to get them onto paper.  I have designs, but with no idea how to embroider themI intend to keep a proper journal.   But that means less time for stitching. 

Just now I have finished a big project – a wreath of poppies and wheat, in cross stitch.   Except that it is not really finished – it is going to be  cushion cover, and I have not yet assembled the finished article. 

So now is my chance to do something about it.  Myplan is

1.  Make a list of all the projects which are ‘in progress’.

2.  Make a second list of  projects which are ready to be done

3.  Make a third list of projects which are in the partly planned stage

4.  Make a fourth list of  ideas for projects5.  Make a fifth list prioritising items in the first three lists.  There will have to be some kind of trade-off between getting old projects finished and starting new ones, else there will be no point to this whole exercise 

At this point I decided that it’s no good just talking about it, I saved a draft of this post, and went away to make those lists.

  Without looking in any cupboards, I have 6 projects in progress, 1 ready to start ( I plan to take this one on holiday), 4 planned, and 8 ideas.  No doubt these lists will grow.

I  will probably have to add a sixth list – projects which are not embroidery, but which I have a yen to do, or am committed to.

So, going back to the beginning – do other embroiderers have the same problems – or are  they better organised, more restrained ,or more disciplined?

Comments are welcome.

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