I sometimes wonder, do other embroiderers have the same problems as I do? 

I know we all have stashes – fabrics, threads, other things we have bought when we have seen them at a show, and books.   And unfinished projects.   And projects not yet started

Sometimes I have to put things away, so we can decorate the room, or because we are going on holiday.   But when I have to break off, I never have the same enthusiasm, when I am able to start again, particularly when the project is a big one.  Or when I have had a good idea, or something else is needed for a deadline.  (Exhibition, competition etc.)  Or when I have seen a demo of something I want to try out (not necessarily embroidery).

But do we also have a stash of plans and ideas?

My stash of ideas is growing.  I will have to get them onto paper.  I have designs, but with no idea how to embroider themI intend to keep a proper journal.   But that means less time for stitching. 

Just now I have finished a big project – a wreath of poppies and wheat, in cross stitch.   Except that it is not really finished – it is going to be  cushion cover, and I have not yet assembled the finished article. 

So now is my chance to do something about it.  Myplan is

1.  Make a list of all the projects which are ‘in progress’.

2.  Make a second list of  projects which are ready to be done

3.  Make a third list of projects which are in the partly planned stage

4.  Make a fourth list of  ideas for projects5.  Make a fifth list prioritising items in the first three lists.  There will have to be some kind of trade-off between getting old projects finished and starting new ones, else there will be no point to this whole exercise 

At this point I decided that it’s no good just talking about it, I saved a draft of this post, and went away to make those lists.

  Without looking in any cupboards, I have 6 projects in progress, 1 ready to start ( I plan to take this one on holiday), 4 planned, and 8 ideas.  No doubt these lists will grow.

I  will probably have to add a sixth list – projects which are not embroidery, but which I have a yen to do, or am committed to.

So, going back to the beginning – do other embroiderers have the same problems – or are  they better organised, more restrained ,or more disciplined?

Comments are welcome.


April 28, 2011. Embroidery.


  1. Hannah (enbrouderie) replied:

    Restraint? What’s that? There’s so many amazing projects out there, I’m always starting something new. Nice peacock, by the way.

    • silkystitch replied:

      Thankyou for your comment Hannah.

      I have been aware of your blog for a while, from Mary Corbett’s site. It looks like you enjoy the wide variety that is done all over the world, as I do.

      I am struggling a bit with the technicalities of the blog just now, but getting better. Also, it looks like I need a better camera for the close-ups! A hint when my birthday is coming up might do the trick!


  2. Hannah replied:

    for closeups – make sure your camera is braced against something. when you’re focused on something small, even slight shaking can make things very blurry. if you’re just holding the camera up in the air in front of you, most people are incapable of keeping it very steady.

    of course, if your camera has a setting for focusing on small close things, that’s helpful too.

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