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I’ve been away for a week, and finished a project before I went.  I have so many things I could do, but haven’t got started again. 

 I couldn’t find the Stitch-a-month-sampler that I have been doing.  I had tidied it away.  I found it at last, and have three months to catch up.  This is on the hand-embroidery group on Yahoo Groups.  Members of this group post photos of their work, pass on hints and tips etc.  I think it might be best to get on with this today, and think about the lists which I started on 28th April.  I am not doing this as a sampler, but as a sample book.   I have used fabrics suitable for the month’s stitch, about 6″ x 9″.  When I have done all the variations of the stitch, I use any remaining space for a small design using the stitch.

 I really need to get to grips with my camera as regards taking close-ups.  I have a zoom feature, but when I take a photo of a flower it gets larger.  The foliage in the background is in focus, while the flower itself is fuzzy.  I’m sure it’s all about focal length of the camera lens. So the batteries are recharged, and I will work on that problem.  Then there might be some better photos to post.

Yesterday I went to an Embroiderers’ Guild meeting.  In the afternoon we had a talk by Dionne Swift, who is a Textile Artist.  She talked about her method of doing Devore, and we had the opportunity to dabble.  The piece I have done has some satisfying areas, which I can do something with.  Other areas are a bit blobby.  It is a technique where a bit of practice is best before doing a serious piece.  It was fun, and interesting to try.  Dionne’s website is


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