Biscornu progress

First side in progress

I am pleased with progress made this week.  I have attached silk taffeta to a piece of fine cotton to give more stability, then traced the outline of both  parts of the biscornu.  As yoy can see, the larger petals have been padded with oddments of thread before finally stitching with log-and-short stitch.   I may experiment with some fine felt to pad the sepals and stalks.
Also, I am improving with the camera. I will photograph some more pieces and post several at once.
this week I have also been thinking ahead about some planned projects.  One is hardanger, which I have not tried before,  so I need to practice on a smaller piece before embarking on the family heirloom.  I was in Germany recently, and found a shop with some lovely Zweigart booklets, including the runner which I am intending to make.   I had better do the practice piece before buying the fabric.  I have found a source for it, but will check the ‘proper’ shops before I send for it. 
It is not always easy to get the materials I want/need, so I am always searching eBay and companies that do Mail Order.  However, if I think that a local shop may have an item, I will always check first, else they will all go out of business!  Our local sewing machine shop has just relocated into smaller premises, so their range of stock will be reduced from now on

May 20, 2011. Tags: , , . Embroidery, silk shading.

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