Pet Hates

I just managed to catch a piece of cloth which was outside the hoop with a few stitches, as it had got under the part I am working on.  This would be one of my pet hates.   It also happens when I am using the sewing machine,  I think I have finished, and there is a wayward bit of fabric caught in a seam.

Another annoyance is when an embroidery thread runs out, and just will not stretch to the last stitch or two.  Even more annoying when you run out of thread and have yo buy more for just a few stitches.

I will probably add to this post as I think of more (i.e. as they annoy me)!

Do other people have pet hates?  If so, feel free to add your comment.

May 28th ……..I was right,  I have thought of more.

Why does thread get itself in a knot under the fabric?   Particularly when I don’t notice it straight away, and have to take back a few stitches, then try to sort out the knot without damaging the thread. And if that isn’t possible, then even more stitches have to come out, so that the end can be finished properly.  I’ve had a think about this one, and decided that if a thread is particularly troublesome, then beeswax might be the answer.

Another is why, when using more than one strand, they end up at different lengths?   They have done exactly the same stitches!  I have to snip to get them even so I can rethread the needle.


May 26, 2011. Tags: , , , . Embroidery.

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