Holiday Project Progress

I started with two squares, a blue one, and the yellow one bottom left, of the same design, then the pink one, and all went well.  Then came the orange one, and I was fighting with metallic thread again.  I was not happy with it at all, and the coverage was not good, so out it came.

I had to have a quick rethink of the colour scheme before continuing.  Next was the green square, and another metallic thread.  This time it was a Kreinik blending thread with two strand of green floss.  This behaved much better, but I am still not happy – with the design of this square.

You may have noticed that only one of the squares started is actually finished. 

 There are three reasons for this.  The blue and yellow squares, and the two at bottom right are to have a Norwich stitch centre.  I have never tried this stitch, and didn’t take instructions with me.  The orange one which had the metallic thread taken out is waiting for another colour to be decided.The others were planned to have buttons , but when I saw the pretty buttons, and bought them,  I did not appreciate that they are much too large. 


So another rethink is required, and the project needs a good overhaul before a holiday later in the year, when I hope it will be completed


June 29, 2011. Tags: , . Embroidery.

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