Out of the Doldrums

Yesterday I found a link to a blog which said ‘handbag embroidery’.  So I followed the link and found that it was not an embroidered handbag, which is what I was expecting. It was in fact a project which is small enough to carry round in a handbag, so that if you ever have a few spare minutes, out it comes.

I had been meaning to use this useful box for just that purpose. As you can see, there is room for design, threads, fabric, and scissors.

Mary Corbet (Needlenthread.com) has been showing progress on her 15  minute project, and that is what put this in my mind.  Mary’s project was a miniature embroidery, and it took her 5 months, as there were over48,000 stitches!   My idea for this kind of project is something much smaller.

The project which got me out of the doldrums is in fact for a competition in September, so for the time being it is ‘under wraps’.   I knew what I was going to do, so I got on and designed the piece.  Now I have got started, because otherwise it would get left too late, and it no good doing things in a rush.  I feel that I must put in a good entry, as I won the competition last year. 

I have also had the opportunity to take a close-up photo with my new camera.  The instruction book for the camera is quite lengthy, and I must get on and try the camera out properly, as I can take it back within 28 days if  it is not suitable for my needs. It was an offer I could not refuse, as have been getting so frustrated with my other camera.

All this means that I have not yet finished the cushion.  I need to psyche myself up in order to do it, as I am not looking forward to joining the back to the front now that the cord is attached.  It would have been a lot easier with no cord! Why do we make things difficult for ourselves?


July 3, 2011. Tags: , , . Embroidery.


  1. Handmade by Claire Bear replied:

    Cute! I made a portable embroidery box of my own a year or two ago from an empty Ferrero Rocher box with an elastic band around it. I kitted it out with a pair of fold up scissors, a piece of fabric with enough needles for all the colours I’m using; a couple of pins and safety pins, just in case, and a twist of each colour that I need.
    It works surprisingly well, is easy to grab, and the elastic band makes sure that nothing falls out. It doubles as a repair kit, hence the pins and safety pins.

  2. silkystitch replied:

    The box I am using originally had a nice notebook inside, and has a strong magnetic strip on the long edge. It’s good for me to have a small piece of work on the go, as some of the pieces I have done have taken far more time than anticipated, and a break is needed now and then.

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