Pleased with myself

The competition piece is finished.  I did the last stitching  just before bedtime last night, and I did the lacing first thing this morning.  I did it then because I HATE  lacing.  It has to be done, and it this stage I usually wish I had used a slightly larger piece of fabric.  First I backed the piece with wadding, the after the lacing I tidied up the corners.  When I put it into the frame, which was plain wood, I decided that it needed a coat of clear matt varnish.  This has just given the wood a bit more life, as you will see when I eventually post a picture of the front of the finished piece.

This afternoonI have  finished the cushion, not without some trials and tribulations.

I managed to attach the back of the cushion cover to the zip, and then sewed all round – but the zip was closed.   Fortunately I had left a gap of just  few inches where the end of the cord meet, as this was a more bulky area – I was just able to get my hand in to open the zip – problem solved!  The moral of this is – read you instructions first.

I have consulted my lists, and I have only 4 incomplete projects.  One is the holiday project, and another is the Stitch- a-Month.  I have three months to catch up on, but that won’t take long, so I’ll leave it for a time when I need something quick.  The other two are long-term projects. 

One is a Christmas Garland tablecloth.

 I think I have been doing this for about 10 years.  I remember discussing long-and-short stitch with a lady who had just completed a Millenium sampler.  I was not happy with the stitches, and she suggested to try using 1 strand of thread instead of two.  I tried this, and it was no better.  Another problem is that the design is printed in a strange lime-green which is not easy to see.  When I joined the Embroiderers’ Guild, I took this with me, and under the fluorescent lighting, I could see the design much better.  Now that we have the energy-saving light bulbs, I wonder if it will be easier to do at home.  In that case it would be best left for the dark winter nights.

The other is also a kit, which I acquired at the annual Bring and Buy sale at the Embroiderers’ Guild ( in aid of Branch Funds).   It is called Melancholy.

I keep getting this out for a week or two, but it is hard going.  There are eight shades of thread ranging from white through flesh and peach shades to dark brown.  It is sometimes very difficult to be sure of using the correct shade.  This usually lives in the bag I take to Embroiderers Guild meetings.  As I have got it out to photograph, I might as well do some for the next day or two, while I wait for that little bit of inspiration  to strike.

So, will it be a practice piece of Hardanger?  Or shall I get the threads selected for a Japanese Lady?  Maybe a Jacobean design in Crewel Work, or  a Bargello Cushion? Or maybe something completely different will occur to me.


July 6, 2011. Embroidery.

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