Trial and errors

On Saturday I went shopping.  I was looking for scissors – goldwork,  hardanger and ‘lift and snip’.  I was really disappointed that the shop in the centre of Leeds had none of these – in fact I don’t think the girl who asked if I needed help know what I was talking about!  So I have ordered the last two from an eBay shop, and they are in the post. 

I had a rummage round the remnants stand in the same shop.  There were some very small pieces for between 5 and 40 pence, so I bought a few.  One of these is a piece of white cotton twill, long and thin, which will make two small embroideries – maybe crewel?  I could dye with tea or coffee for a better colour.

Then I went to the market to look at the haberdashery and fabric stalls.  A fabric still had a pack of  ‘fabric samples’ for £1, so I got one of those too. There were six pieces so I was pleased with them.

I had been intending to have a go at crazy patchwork, but wanted to do something small first.  This piece was going to make a small pouch to go in a handbag, to contain emergency items – headache and indigestion tablets, and some plasters.  I said was.  It has not been without a hitch or two.

Above you can see the pieces laid out, with Bondaweb on the back, ready for the iron.  I took a photograph of the pieces in position, so that I could get them back when I had removed the backing of the Bondaweb. I was being so careful!

At this stage I realised that the outer part would be in the seam, so I needed to reposition the piece with the rose, so that it would look good on the front of the pouch. Then I ironed the pieces of fabric and three pieces of ribbon in place, using baking parchment.  So far not so good. I had already made my first mistake.

I then decided to use the sewing machine, and stitch some of the edges with decorative stitches.  I liked these, soI did all except the ribbons. There was a crackling noise – it was coming from the two pieces of ribbon.  I had not removed the backing from these.  The paper was removed, and here is where I made the Big Mistake.  I switched the iron back on, to fasten the ribbons, which I could just have stitched down by hand or machine . And then……

I put the hot iron onto the piece, with no baking parchment, and the two ribbons melted.  The base plate of the iron took some cleaning!

When I had sorted that mess out, I snipped the remains of the ribbons out, and had a think.  I could us Bondaweb to replace the pieces, so that is what I did.  Then I realised that the ends of the ribbon would fray, and here is where I made the third mistake.  I dabbed the ends with Fray-check, and put the piece away. I just got it out again to photograph, before I sew in the ends of the thread and add the hand stitching, and the Fray-check has seriously marked the ribbons.









At this point I think I will put this piece in my samples folder. Unless anyone has a better suggestion.

I have learned a lot from this exercise-

1 –  THINK before you put a hot iron on anything at all

2 –  making the pieces so small was not a good idea – it made too much work

3 –  Fraycheck works, but it marks, particularly on lighter colours


And now for the good news.  Yesterday I reserved a place on a Goldwork workshop at our branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.   That is when I hope to buy the Goldwork scissors


July 12, 2011. Crazy Patchwork, Embroidery.

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