‘Melancholy’ progress

Progress is slow with this piece.  There are 196 stitches per square inch, most of them cross-stitch, with  half cross-stitch for the background and a bit of back-stitch.  The finished piece is 10″ x 12 “.  That’s well over 23,000 stitches!  Anytime now it will be put away again and I will start something new.

I have also made a bit of progress with crazy patchwork.

This time I have used fewer pieces, and not used any ribbon.   I like it a lot better.

I had been looking at transfers of oriental panels, with a view to doing something quite large on silk dupion.  The content of the panels was much the same – a mountain at the top, water with birds at the bottom, a bridge over the water, trees, a pagoda, a path winding through  fields with corn sheaves stacked, and people.  I spent a happy afternoon with my A2 paper pad, and in the end came to the conclusion that the whole project was probably just too big.  So I am now thinking about doing one (or maybe two) smaller panel with fewer objects.

In the meantime…. I downloaded this design from the Dover Sampler which I subscribe to.  The original is on a black background, so I didn’t want to print it out, and use a lot of printer ink.  So I traced it from the computer screen,  tweaked it a bit, darkened the outline, and used my lovely 3-in-1 to make a copy. 

The colours are just to help me se the shapes.  I think I will tweak the design a bit more.  This may well be the design to use some silk hankies which have been waiting since the Knitting and Stitching Show last November.


July 20, 2011. Tags: , , , . Crazy Patchwork, Embroidery.

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