And now for something different

I decided that I was not really happy with a one-column blog, so here we are with two columns.   Now the content which was at the bottom has come to the top, where it can be seen more easily.   I am learning about blogging as I go along.   I look at other people’s blogs and wonder, how do they do that?

That’s not all – something different to show you.

These photographs were taken in the ‘Discover Mexico ‘ museum in Cozumel.  My husband doesn’t really do museums, art galleries etc, so I was really lucky that day the he did come in, and not just stay outside, in the sun, enjoying a cigar.   It was he who first spotted these, and suggested that I photograph them.   Whether I should have done is another question!

The reason I decided to post these is that Hannah on has posted some photos of Mexican embroidery, and they reminded me of these.

I think this is my favourite of the three.  I like embroidery on dark backgrounds, as it makes the colours more vibrant.  I think this was done on black velvet.

This is interesting because of the content.  Someone took the time to think this out, and then stitched it so carefully, for posterity.

I finished my crazy quilting pouch at the weekend.

I am still not taking photos close up as I would wish, but at least you can see the finished piece.

The other thing I spent time on at the weekend was sewing edges.  I bought some small pieces of silk dupion on E-Bay, so I ironed them all, and sewed the edges so they don’t fray, before I put them away.

I haven’t started anything new yet.  I want to get the area of ‘Melencholy’  that I am working on finished before I put it away.  The lady will then have her face neck arm, hand and hair finished.  It looks as if theer is nowhere near enough of one of the threads – this was a kit which was open when I bought it, so I am not really surprised


July 26, 2011. Tags: , , , . Embroidery.

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