Christmas is coming…..

I’m still stitching  ‘Melancholy’  in the  evenings and pottering during the day.

I went to an Embroiderers’  Guild meeting in Leeds on Saturday, and took my sewing machine so that  I could take part in a Machine Embroidery lesson.  I found this quite hard going.  Yesterday I got back to the machine, and turned a practice piece of machine embroidery into a hanging Christmas Star decoration.

 I suspect that my next project will be fairlly big, so I need  a ‘ handbag project’  for those odd moments that need to be filled.   Nothing had come to mind.  Then today I went to meeting where we decided to hold a Christmas fair to raise funds, and I volunteered to make Christmas cards to be sold.  Problem solved.

A few weeks ago I bought a small filing cabinet with 6 shallow drawers, so I knew where everything was.  The nice surprise when I got out the packs of card blanks there were two cross-stitched cards just ready to be assembled!  There was also another card which I made at a pre-Christmas session a few years ago, and never did anything with.  Even the small pieces of fabric are in the drawers.

Out came the Christmas editions of magazines, and a quick Google followed.  Five cards are designed/planned, and a session with Vilene and Bondaweb got the preparation out of the way.  Now I  just need to decide on threads and embellishments, and into the small box they will go.


August 2, 2011. Tags: , , , . Embroidery.

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