Goldwork Part 1

I am getting quite enthusiastic about Goldwork.  I am going to a workshop next week, and have been looking forward to it for some time.   We have a talk on Monday at the Embroiderers’ Guild in Huddersfield, followed by the workshop on Tuesday.  It is being done by the ladies fron Golden Hinde.  They are also bringing goods from their shop, so I have been on their web-site to get an idea of what I might want to buy, apart from the Goldwork scissors (with serrated edges, for cutting wires etc.).

I have been getting together the materials required. I have no idea what we will be producing, but needless to say I will be doing a post next week.  Hence his post is Part 1.

I have also been getting a bit further with stitching small Christmas cards when not in the mood for cross-stitching ‘Melancholy’.

And the pottering is coming along too.  Yesterday I had a lovely time ‘distressing’  some sinamay, and looking at my stash or organza and voile.  There is the embryo of something here, and it is likely to be very different from anything I have done before!


August 6, 2011. Tags: , , , . Embroidery, Goldwork.

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