Goldwork Part 2

I had a wonderful time at the Embroiderers’ Guild meeting, and at the workshop the following day.  We all learned five basic techniques using a selection of designs.  It will be interesting to see them finished at the next meeting.  Although the designs are the same, what goes into each section will be different, particularly the bits we didn’t complete on the day.

Five basic techniques

This where I got to on the day.  We did a couched circle, then attached and padded leather pieces.  Next we learned the techniques for attaching Pearl purl, and bright check.  Finally we did some vermicelli.  That was the one I found most testing. We all had such a lovely day.
I have done a bit more.  Everything else has been put away so that I can just concentrate on this piece.  when I have finished this post I will be looking at the work on Golden Hinde’s website, to give me ideas about how to fill the remaining sections.  One or two might need to be left empty, else the whole thing could just look overdone.  This is where I am up to now.
The first photograph was taken with flash, and the second without – amazing what difference it makes to the colours.
I will post part 3 when this is finished and I am happy with it.

August 11, 2011. Tags: , , , . Embroidery, Goldwork.

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