Goldwork Part 3

After taking out things I was not happy with, and trying  something else, here is the completed piece.  I have really enjoyed doing this, and intend to do some more, and maybe learn some more advanced techniques.


The parts which gave me the most problems were the leaves.  I didn’t want to make them too blingy.  In the end I took off the one on the right, and started again with a piece of silk carrier rod which has a lovely sheen.
At the workshop I bought some Ophir metallic thread, which is made by Coats.  In view of the problems I have had with other netallic threads, I was very careful with it, and I found that it behave much better than any of the others I have tried.
I have been looking at my file of possible designs, to see if any of them lend themselves to Goldwork.  I think I am going to be in design mode for the next  day or two. 
When I had finished I could see a grubby circle, which I have had to deal with.  I sometimes cover what I am embroidering with a piece of cloth with an aperture. so that this doesn’t happen.  Other times I hold the hoop with a piece of kitchen paper or a tissue so that my fingers don’t topuch the fabric.  The best solution might be a stand which holds the hoop, but that might have to be a hint for dear old Santa!

August 19, 2011. Tags: , , . Embroidery, Goldwork.

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