Silk paper

This is the result of my trying the effects of some fabric medium.   The purpose of the fabric medium is that it mixes with acrylic paint, so that the fabric is coloured as you want it, but is softer.   What I want to acheive is to make ‘silk paper’, so that I can embroider on it without continually catching the silk fibres with a needle point, or my fingers.  I have previously made silk paper with cellulose paste and either throwsters waste of silk hankies.  You can see that the edges of these silk hankies are quite fluffy.  There are about three layers in each of these.
The one on the right was first.  I mixed the fabric medium with water, then tried to spray it onto the silk hanky.   (I  have some small spray bottles which were bought for very little.)   What I did not account for was that the silk would not absorb anything.   I had it on a piece of cling-film, so having sprayed it, I had to roll it up, to try to work the liquid into the fibres.   It does seem to have worked quite well, in that the resulting ‘silk paper’  is soft enough to embroider onto, and the fibres seem to be tamed.
Having learned from the first experience, I wetted the second one first, and used a wide soft brush.  This one was painted with a mixture that was about half fabric medium and half iridescent acrylic paint.  I left it sitting on the cling film to dry.  Again I have an experience to learn from.  The paint drained down onto the smooth surface of the cling film.  One side of the silk hanky is matt, and the other quite shiny, in patches, which is not quite what I had in mind.

Silk paper with iridescent paint

However, they are both nice enough to use for the project I have in mind, so on the whole I am pleased with this.

August 30, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Embroidery, Silk Paper.

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