What Hardanger?

The Hardanger just has not happened.  After a couple of days of generally putting it off,  I decided to make a scarf with some very fine ( about 1-ply) wool which I bought when Texere has  clearance sale a few weeks ago.   There are eight small balls, each weighing about 8 grams.  I tried three different knitting stitches, and each was pulled out.

Crochet scarf

So I went to my Vogue Dictionary of Crochet Stitches, to find something lacy.  I have included the crochet hook in the photo so you can see how fine it is.
 And this piece was pulled out,and started again with one less repeat of the pattern and a larger hook. because the scarf would not have been long enough.  So I am doing this and will get back to embroidery when it is finished. 
In the meantime, there was an interesting post about Hardanger on enbrouderie.com.  The beautiful piece is an advanced sampler from coffeebeansdailies.blogspot.com.  I have left the post notification in my email inbox, so that I am reminded to get on with the Hardanger . 
If you have an interest in Hardanger, do visit both these websites to see what I have been looking at!
Can anyone tell me why my font changes after I insert a photo, and either how to stop it, or how to change it back? – Thanks!

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More goldwork finished

You may have been wondering why I have not posted anything lately.  It is because I have been so busy with my goldwork.   I have really got hooked.

Yesterday it was the exhibition of work which our branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild holds every two years, and I really wanted to get it finished and framed. We had a great day and raised money for our local hospice.









At the beginning of the week was our monthly meeting, and we had our annual competition.  This was my entry.










The prize was won by a stunning picture of a lady, done in black cross stitch, from an old photo.  It could probably be described as blackwork.  If I had remembered to take my camera with me yesterday I would have been able to show you.

The last two evenings have been spent finishing some Christmas cards for a Christmas Fair at the beginning of  December.  Now I think I will finally get round to learning some Hardanger stitches.  I have rooted out some fabric, and my book, so I have no more excuses.

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