Re Progress with Hardanger

To say progress is slow is an understatement of the facts.  At first I really struggled,  and I was just doing some Kloster Blocks.   What could be simpler?   It depends how good you are at counting threads to stitch over.   I spent a lot of time undoing the stitches which were wrong.

So I decided to stitch some motifs.  I still struggled because the sheen of the perle thread sometimes makes it look as if stitches at right angles to each other are not the same length, when they are.   Stars and ships emerged, and things were looking a bit better

Then I decided to try four sided stitch,  and that was not quite so bad.

So I got really  brave, and decided cut out some threads to do some woven bars – quite therapeutic.

Next was a bit of Cable stitch and Double Running stitch.

Having done those,  I was ready for some filling stitches.  Dove’s Eye, Twisted Bars, Spider’s Web  and Circular Filling stitch followed.  I really enjoyed doing these.

There are still more filling stitches to try,  which means going back to the Kloster Blocks again.

In the Anchor Book of Hardanger Embroidery there is a small sampler of stitches  (Hemstitch and Variations)  which would be good to try.


This is two small buts,  followed by a really big one.

I have been in design mode in between the Hardanger stitching, playing with paisley designs,  and another design with a peacock.  These may end up in the same project.  I have also resurrected a large piece of wool felt which has more wool embellished onto it.  This may end up being the background fabric, but on the other hand it might well be something completely different!

I have also been trying to get the garden ‘put to bed’  for the winter, and now is the best time to do it.   So I go out there and work away until my back tells me it has had enough.

Now for the big BUT.

I feel as if I am confessing to something really awful – my new book arrived a couple of hours ago.

It is Goldwork Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration by Hazel Everett.  I have had a quick look through, and I have to agree with Mary Corbet.  When she reviewed it,  (  26th September)  she said,  “You Need this book”.  That was what made me decide to buy it rather than get it from the library.   I did seriously need it.

I don’t think there will be much stitching for a day or two.


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