Hardanger Filling Stitches

I’ve been trying more filling stitches, and woven bars with picots.  I’ve decided that Hardanger Embroidery is not really my thing, but having given it a try, I have a small project in mind, as a present for Christmas .

The piece I have done so far is a piece of fabric cut to size so that it can go with my other stitch samples, and another piece of fabric has been cut so that I can do the sampler from the Anchor Book of Hardanger Embroidery.  I am not proposing to photograph the work done so far, as it is not ‘pretty’.  It was not planned out, and some of the stitching is definitely that of a learner!

In the meantime…..

Progress has been made on the design front.   I have prepared the wherewithal on which to embroider my peacock.  I have ironed very fine layers of dyed silk hanky onto a piece of cotton, and basted a piece of shimmery gold organza over it.  The effect is sumptuous.  It took a whole afternoon of messing around to get it right.

When my husband saw one of the paisley designs,  he took an instant liking to it, and said it would make a nice cushion cover.  He rarely comments on designs and embroidery!  So I have found two pieces of silk dupion, to consider which will be best to use.  The design is still in it’s infancy, but I am sure it will be greatly influenced by Hazel Everett’s book.

I have also been looking at some Tenerife embroidery.  At first sight it looked like Hardanger,  but the large mounted piece which shows how it is done has the threads cut out first!  It seems to have the thread wound in and out of the spaces.  I will have to go to look at it again,  work out how it is done, and write another post about it.


November 17, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Embroidery, Hardanger.

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