Books Part 4 – Miscellaneous

These are books which didn’t quite fit into the catgories so far described.

The first is Needlework School, by the Embroiderers’ Guild Practical Study Group.  My copy has a cream cover, and was published in 1989.  Many of the photographs are in black and white, so it is a bit dated, but I love it.  There is a newer book published in 2000, with a green cover.

This book could have gone into any of the previous three posts, but I felt that it is different.  It covers designing, manipulating  fabrics, felt and paper making, and many kinds of embroidery.  This is a good book to dip into to find out about a type embroidery which is new to you.  Or you could use it as a needlework course, and work you way through it.

The next two books were purchased for very little money, and haven’t yet had the attention they deserve – maybe waiting for a rainy day.

Stitchery and Needle Lace from Threads magazine.  This is a series of 25 articles which I presume appeared in the magazine.  The ones which particularly appeal to me are Contemporary Needlelace,  Drawn Threadwork, and Net Darning.

Embroidery by Diana Springall.  This book accompanied a television series, broadcast from 1980, which I do not remember seeing.  It is a collection of items to make, and there are contributions from others.  Most of the items are useable or wearable, and I could see myself making some of them, maybe as gi

I bought Kit Pyman’s Embroiderd Flowers when I first got into embroidery with silk.  It gives several different ways of producing an embroidery of flowers.

Jane Lemon’s Embroidered Boxes was a must-have when it was turfed out of the library cupboard at the Embroiderers’ Guild. Tthe cupboard really was bursting at the seams.  It was published in 1980, so nearly all the photographs are in black and white.  There are boxes of different shapes, and other items  – bags and purses, cushions, blinds and curtains, and book covers.

In the past I have made boxes and Bags, and quite enjoyed the processes involved, apart from the lacing required for the boxes.  I also enjoy making book covers.  They are a good way to use a small piece of experimental work which is nice enough for someone else to appreciate.

The last section of books are those which are not embroidery books!


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