Tenerife Lace

I have been to Tenerife for holidays many times, and have always admired Tenerife Lace in the craft shops.   I mentioned in my post on November 17th that some of the work in these shops looks like Hardanger.   Hung on the wall is a large piece of fabric which shows how it is done.   The threads are cut first!   So it is drawn thread work.  For someone who was numerically challenged with Kloster Blocks, this was  revelation.   I went back to the shops the last time I was there, and bought this piece so I could look at it  and maybe do something similar for gifts or fundraisers.   I’m not sure about the blue tassel.  I may take it off, and possibly replace it with a white one, or none at all.  A bookmark doesn’t need any extra thickness.  This will be my bookmark for when I am reading embroidery books.

I really enjoyed the meeting at Huddersfield Embroiderers’ Guild this week.  We had  a fuddle and I must say the spread was impressive.   Of course,  I ate more tha I should have, but that is normal at this time of year for most of us.  So I  am trying to walk a bit more and have even done some aerobics to trry not to gain too much weight over the ‘Festive Season’.

I had a look at the library, and found a book on Tenerife Lace.  There doesn’t seem to be much about the drawn thread work,  more about weaving  motifs, typically circular , but some square.  Larger ones could be mounted and framed, or used as a decoration for clothes or useable items.

Our speaker in the afternoonwas Claire Tinsley, who runs ‘Hannah’s Room’.  Quilts are not my thing, but I enjoyed looking at and hearing about all the lovely quilts she brought to show us.  One of these days, when I have a really good design idea, I may get round to doing one myself.


December 16, 2011. Tags: , , , . Drawn thread, Embroidery, Hardanger.

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