Craft Stalls for Fundraisers

When I attended the Goldwork workshop in the summer, we we told the story of a beautiful box which was made as a gift.  And just to make the gift extra special,  some very nice chocolates were placed inside it.   Some time later, the maker was horrified to find that the box had been thrown away, but the recipient had enjoyed the chocolates.  The moral of this story is not to spend a lot of time making (or spend a lot of money on materials)  something for a person who is not likely to appreciate it.

Some years ago I spent hours crocheting items for a Craft Stall at a fundraising event.  When I went to the Craft Stall,  I could not see the items,  so I assumed they had already sold.  Imagine how I felt when I went to the bric-a-brac stall, and spotted them under something else.  Under the pretext of having a closer look at them,  I moved them to the top.

This year I embroidered Christmas cards,  for a Christmas Fayre,  because I was told that people would have the opportunity to make a card, and cards would be on sale.  There was also to be a Craft Stall.  So I rooted out my card blanks, and back issues of Stitch magazine, and stitched some fairly simple cards.  I also had some cross-stitched designs from a previous year, which had taken hours to complete.  I enclosed each card in it’s own cellophane cover, so that they would not get damaged with handling.  I was on the bric-a-brac stall,  which was where Christmas cards, not hand-made, were located. There was a packet with half the cards.  I found the other half on the tombola,  and neither pack had a cross-stitched one on the top.  The pack on the bric-a brac stall did not sell.  I wonder – should I have bought them ( the price was ridiculously, insultingly low),  and brought them home?

I hope I have learned from these experiences.  In future I will only give items for a craft stall if  I am not totally happy with them, or if they have been made quickly with materials that are surplus or inexpensive.

Have other people had similar experiences?


December 22, 2011. Embroidery.

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