Getting back on track

In my last post I should have mentioned our last branch meeting at the Embroideres’ Guild.   It was  ‘sewing day’, where we have all day to sit and stitch, or do whatever else we take  to the meeting.   We also have the library and equipment at our disposal.  And of course everyone is very sociable , so there is always a buzz of conversation.

So it was an opportunity to get a little further with the Group Project.  The scope has been widened, from Jacobean to C17th embroidery.  It is planned that some people will opt for something modern in the traditional style, while others go for traditional.  We have been gathering information in our workbooks.  Some people have put a lot of effort into theirs, and we displayed the work so far for the rest of the members to see.

I have to admit that mine was not one of the better ones.  However I have been looking at Gutenberg Press, and have downloaded a couple of old books which look as if they will be useful.

Some people expressed concern about the stitches which are to be used.  So it was suggested that we each try to take Jacobean motif, decide on the colours and stitches to use, and use it as a practice piece.  Gold was used at that time, so my piece will probably have a little somewhere.

How we will manage to work on a joint project hasn’t been decided yet.

I mentioned that I was looking for a Birth Sampler design.  I found one in the EG library.  I have been adjusting the shape from rectangular to square, so that I have plenty of space for lettering,  and have spaced out the elements of the design a little.  I have also managed to find a square frame, so now that I know how big it is going to be it seems it will be on 16 count Aida fabric.  Can anyone guess which count is the one I don’t have in my stash?  I suppose that was a silly question.

I have also done a little on my ‘handbag project’, but at present it is not going to look good on a photo, so there is nothing yet to show you. My arms is still improving.  I’m not sure what might aggravate it, so I am doing a lot of different activiies, but none of them for too long at a time.

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Where have I been?

Well, I’m back.  It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because I have hardly done any embroidery.  I damaged my arm a few weeks ago, and it was getting no better, so I have been trying to rest it, and take lots of painkiller/anti-inflammatory pills. I have even moved my mouse-mat to the other side of the computer table and tried only to use my left hand.  I ironed small things left-handed, and my ‘other half’ helped out with the rest.

Needless to say, not much housework has been done.   I am not a fan of housework.   It’s not like embroidery, where stitches are there permanently, unless I decide otherwise.  Housework somehow regenerates itself.  I wipe away all the dust, and clean the windowpanes.  Just a few hours later, there is dust accumulating, and the windows are showing smears.  If I ever have enough money, I will pay a cleaning person, so I don’t need to feel guilty about it.  Failing that pehaps someone has ideas for a self-cleaning house.

I have had quite a few sessions with Haewl Everett’s book ‘Goldwork Techniques Projects and Pure Inspiration’.  The book does exactly what it says on the cover. It might even be the best embroidery book I have EVER come across.  I found myself having to re-read some paragraphs and/ or pages, as there is so much information, and I wanted to make sure it was going in.  The brain cells are not quite what they used to be.

Quite often a book will have a section, or even a few chapters at the beginning, outlining the history the materials to be used etc, and stitches.  Then the rest of the book is devoted to projects.   However lovely these projects are, many of them soon look outdated.   So to come across a book where about two thirds is devoted to the technical stuff means that, from my point of view, it is extemely good value for money.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in Goldwork, particularly if, like me, they are fairly new to this kind of embroidery.  Hazel manages to explain everything in great detail, which gives me the confidence to have a go myself.  The explanations of how to do different things are  illustrated with photographs and diagrams, which means that all that is required is abit of practice before setting out on anything major.

And the Bugs which are among the pages at the back of the book are still calling  to me.  I have checked out what wires and threads I have, so it won’t be long before I ‘have a go’.

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New Year decisions

Happy New Year everyone.

Time for some decisions to be made –  not resolutions.  I have not done much stitching for the last two weeks, as I have been celebrating Christmas and the New Year, and doing other things.  I have been through all my embroidery needles to check for any that were bent or tarnished, but I don’t think I need to go through anything else, as it is all fairly well organised.

So decisions have to be made as to what to do next.  I have no holidays booked, so I think I had better finish the ‘holiday project’ before I lose all interest.  On my last holiday, the light indoors was poor, and it was windy outside, so very little was done.  I found it difficult to motivate myself, which is often a problem for me when I have had to leave a project, and then go back to it.

I have also brought forward a project which is for a little boy.  It was going to be for his birthday, but as he will be having a new brother or sister in July, it might be better for him to have a present at the same time as the new baby.  So it is my ‘handbag’ project. So I am also looking for a nice chart or kit for a birth sampler.

Once these are out of the way, I shall be consulting my lists of projects to see where to go next.

I have been reading Hazel Everett’s book.  At some point I really want (need?) to tackle some of the lovely Bugs. I am hoping to incorporate them in another project already in progress.

Happy stitching!

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