New Year decisions

Happy New Year everyone.

Time for some decisions to be made –  not resolutions.  I have not done much stitching for the last two weeks, as I have been celebrating Christmas and the New Year, and doing other things.  I have been through all my embroidery needles to check for any that were bent or tarnished, but I don’t think I need to go through anything else, as it is all fairly well organised.

So decisions have to be made as to what to do next.  I have no holidays booked, so I think I had better finish the ‘holiday project’ before I lose all interest.  On my last holiday, the light indoors was poor, and it was windy outside, so very little was done.  I found it difficult to motivate myself, which is often a problem for me when I have had to leave a project, and then go back to it.

I have also brought forward a project which is for a little boy.  It was going to be for his birthday, but as he will be having a new brother or sister in July, it might be better for him to have a present at the same time as the new baby.  So it is my ‘handbag’ project. So I am also looking for a nice chart or kit for a birth sampler.

Once these are out of the way, I shall be consulting my lists of projects to see where to go next.

I have been reading Hazel Everett’s book.  At some point I really want (need?) to tackle some of the lovely Bugs. I am hoping to incorporate them in another project already in progress.

Happy stitching!


January 4, 2012. Tags: . Embroidery, Goldwork.

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