Back to normal


Well, at last my arm is pain-free, and I am able to do all the things I want to.   I have got going again in the garden, as the weather has been so good.   I have also had to catch up with the housework.

This embroidery is quite different to anything I have done before.  I have had to wait until I had completed all of the main outline so you could get the general idea of the design.

The fabric is silk dupion, which I have backed with a piece of cotton.  First, each of the component parts is outlined by couching a thick shiny thread.   I suspect it is rayon, but can’t be sure.   It is couched down with one strand of the same thread,  which splits into four threads quite easily.   Then the detached chain stitch needs to be completed before proceeding to the next part.

When I took this out of the hoop to photograph it, I was dismayed.   It is not centred on the fabric!  And I have no idea if this was deliberate.  I am hoping it will look ok when it is finished, but have already re-tried it on the cushion pad three times!

Now that March is here, and it feels much more spring-like, I am feeling so much brighter.   And I am so looking forward to March 24th.   It is the day we put our clocks forward one hour before we go to bed.  Losing an hour’s sleep doesn’t bother me – an hour extra light in the evening is what I love.  Being able to go for a walk in the evening again is something I am really looking forward to


March 2, 2012. Tags: , , , . Embroidery.

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