Still here

I haven’t disappeared.  I’ve just been having a stressful time.  Don’t mention Central Heating Boilers and how many visits it takes to sort the problem!  I spent a whole week at the end of March feeling frazzled, and unable to concentrate.  Then last week it became apparent that we still had the same problem!  Four engineers and seven visits in total, we might just have got to the bottom of the problem.

I have been getting some things finished.  The crossstitch picture of Tom Kitten is framed, but I don’t think it was the best kit ever produced.  I found it really difficult, as the chart and the picture did not coincide.  My neck magnifier was essential, and the finished article is not worthy of a photo.  Nor is the silk cushion.  It is on the sofa, where is goes nicely behind me, to support my back.

I have also done a crossstitch birth sampler, which I am happy with, and am now waiting for the baby to make an apearance so I can add the name etc..

Now I am back to the piece I showed you at the beginning of January.  At the moment I am just finishing an applique butterfly, before it gets put away again.

A lot of us made a bag to keep our needlework clean when we first started a secondary school  I kept mine for years, and now I am wishing that I still had it.   So I am planning to make another.   One problem is, how large it should be?  One lady suggested that several, in different sizes is the real answer.   I just keep going back to the idea that the size we made at school was probably ok for the majority of projects.  I have spotted a piece of  fabric on eBay, so I just have to remember to bid for it.

I also have ideas for a fierce red dragon,.  The drawing is done, but  I don’t know yet whether it will be a picture, or something usable.

Last Saturday I had a lovely afternoon at the Craft Bee.  I didn’t make it last month.   (Too frazzled to face the world – see above.)   It was good to see how people have progressed with their projects.  And someone brought some embroidered cards, which a lot of us were very taken with.

April 30, 2012. Embroidery. Leave a comment.