I have managed to up my output lately.   This has a lot to do with the weather not being so good, so less gardening has been done.  I just wish the seeds I planted 3 weeks ago would make a show.

At the moment I am doing two projects in tandem,  so the table I work from looks more messy than usual.  This is because I am not entirely sure where they are going, so as I decide on the next stage of one of them,  I get on with it while I think about the other.

First,  the cotton work bag.   I found a piece of cotton in my stash.   It is an off-white colour, which means that the Mountmellick thread I am using stands out well.

Antique hemstitch

At the left you can see the hemstitch which I used for the hems on the flap.  I was reasonably happy with this,  but wondered if in time the threads would migrate, so that the holes got filled in.  So the decision was made to use antique hemstitch on the other edge of the withdrawn threads.  I am really pleased with the finished result.   Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of the flap – some kind of whitework.   I will have a good potter in the library cupboard at the Embroiderers’ Guild meeting next week.

Here is the applique butterfly I mentioned in my last post.

Appliqued butterfly

Since this butterfly was done, a dragonfly has been added, and now I am in the middle of adding a smaller butterfly.

All this bad weather we have neen enduring in the U.K. is a bit depressing.   At least we have good things to look forward to this year.

First, we will have the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.   I will be at Epsom to see the Derby when the Queen is there,  but I’m sure she won’t be in the ‘cheap seats’  with us.   I’m hoping she will take a ride on the track so we can all give her a rousing cheer.  I’m thinking that the pageant on the river, and the concert at Queen Victoria’s monument will be spectacles which will be seen in may other countries.

Then the Olympic flame will be passing quite near us at the end of June.  I don’t expect to be able to park anywhere useful,  so I will have to set out in good time, and walk.

And in August we have the Olympic Games.   Some people will be complaining that their normal TV programs are rescheduled, but I have no sympathy for them.  The Olympic Games is huge, and building the different venues has given employment to a large number of people at a difficult time.

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