Jubilee Weekend

After the trauma of my computer problem being fixed, only for the monitor to give up the ghost 3 days later, then the whole thing refuse to boot two days after that, I bought a new computer.   I needed someone to help me set it up, and rescue my files from the hard drive, and we seem to have got there.  A new operating system and new software take a bit of getting used to.  That’s why I have not managed to post any news.


Fortunately, just before all this started, I had decided that ‘Melancholy’ just had to be finished, at one sitting, so to speak.  It’s the boring bit – acres of half cross stitch, all in the same shade.   How relaxing it has been during this difficult time to have some stitching which didn’t require too much concentration.  When this is done, all that remains is the backstitching which should bring the whole thing to life.


It has been a great weekend.  On Saturday we were at Epsom racecourse, near the top of ‘the Hill’ .  All we could see directly of the Queen was the convoy of cars as they drove along the track.  However the large LED screens meant that we probably had a better view than many of the people who were closer.  It was such a lovely event, in fact, amazing.  So many thousands of people close together, eating, drinking and generally enjoying themselves.  What I found truly surprising was that over the two days we were at the track we did not see a single child misbehaving or crying!


Then yesterday the pageant on the river was very interesting and entertaining.  I am looking forward to the concert tonight, in front of Buckingham Palace.



June 4, 2012. Tags: . Cross stitch.

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