I’ve got the needle lace bug

I tried needle lace a couple of years ago when a dear lady called Mary was showing another lady at an Embroiderers’ Guild meeting.  More recently, other ladies at our branch have been bringing lovely pieces they have made to the meetings, and I have caught their enthusiasm.  There were two books in the Guild library, so I have borrowed them, and got started.  Since then I have bought a more elementary book, which I have started reading.

Maybe this  was a bit ambitious for a first piece, as the areas for the different lace stitches are relatively small, and there are a lot of them.  Now that I have the basic book, I can see that some things were not done quite as they should have been, but nothing of any great consequence.

I have used a crochet cotton for the cordonnet, which I couched with a cream sewing cotton.  The lace stitches were done with No1 Mountmellick cotton.  I wanted a matt effect because this is likely to appear on the flap of my white cotton work bag.  There are actually a pair of these.  The second one still has most of the cordonette (buttonhole stitching over the cordonnet) to be done. It was a good idea to use a slightly different colour for the couching, as it made it easier to remove the last of them from the back of the piece when I had completed it, and removed it from the backing. I am quite impressed how sturdy the piece feels.  But then when I think about how many stitches, and how many threads of crochet cotton there are in the cordonette, it is hardly surprising

I am quite happily sitting doing this while I wait for my niece to give birth.  Then I can finish the Birth Sampler which I started a few months ago, and get it sent to her.

So now I am thinking about what comes after that.  I quite fancy a colourful piece of needlelace, possibly in silk.  Maybe a corsage?


July 26, 2012. Tags: , , , . Embroidery, Needle Lace.

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