Too many distractions

Well, the last 14 weeks have been unusual, in that we have had so much going on in the U.K.

First the Royal Jubilee, then the Torch relay, which went on for weeks.  Eventually we got to the Olympic Games, and now the Paralympic Games.  I have never learned to much about different sports. I have been enthralled, excited, and amazed.  I sat through the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games with stitching in my hands, but very little got done.  I could not take my eyes from the TV screen.

My niece’s baby arrived at the beginning of August, so I switched to finishing the Birth sampler, which was posted off two weeks ago.  Then it was back to some more needle lace, and here it is, almost done.


It will be used to cover a pencil tin, stitched to the silk dupion you can see in the photo.  The lilies had stamens on the original design, and I am now thinking about the best way to add these,  (what stitch to use, and whether to make them the colour which stains everything the pollen gets on).  I decided to take the photo, and post now, because once it is on the tin, it will be more difficult.

So now my thoughts are turning to what I might do next. Shall I try another kind of lace, or  needle lace with different threads?  I have so many ideas, not all of them written down.  I also have a few things started and not finished, so maybe one of them will come out while I get to develop some of the ideas.


September 8, 2012. Embroidery, Needle Lace. Leave a comment.