Here it is

Those of you who have the book ‘Crewel twists’ by Hazel Blomkamp will recognise this design, and may notice that it is a little different in one or two places.  If you right-click on the image and open it in a new tab you can see it without the interference effect of the evenweave fabric.

Because the fabric I have used is light, and the original was quite dark, I have changed some of the colours.  I have also changed the stitches in one or two places.  The beads are larger, because I was using what was in my stash, but they seem to work .

I am really pleased with this.  There is so much I have learned so much from doing it.  I tried stitches that were new to me.  I particularly liked heavy chain stitch which I found  easier to do than chain stitch, so I will probably use again it when appropriate.

I had fun and games when it came to erasing the water-erasable pencil.  A fine spray of water was used, and I left the piece to dry.  When I turned it over I realised that I also needed to spray the back, as the markings had gone through.  I left it to dry in a warm place.  That was a mistake – but not a disaster.  I had washed the blue colour back in to the top fabric, and I think it was because I did not let it dry slowly, the colour did not fade.    Eventually it dried slowly and all traces of the marker had gone.

So what next?  I am wondering if this design would look good done in Mountmellick style, or in goldwork, or maybe both.  Any opinions?


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No conkers

Nearby we have a large Horse-chestnut tree, which overhangs the footpath and road.  Usually when the leaves fall there are many conkers among them.  I noticed this morning that there were none to be seen – not even empty cases.  This just show how bad the summer was this year.  What will the children do next week when it is their half-term holiday?  Sadly , I suspect that they won’t be missed by the majority.

Let’s get another gloomy bit out of the way.  I decided that the jumper I have been knitting at the Craft Bee at Red House Museum needed to be finished, so I worked hard at it for two weeks, and completed the front which is rather complicated with cables and bobbles, and the back.  It was only when I realised how little wool I had used that I began to wonder if, although it is intended to fit reasonably snuggly, it might me a bit small.  I tacked it together to try on and it looked awful!  So it has been pulled out, and I will start again tomorrow.  My tension was just a weeny bit out, so I will have to knit the next size up.

Now the nice bit.  I am really pleased with the piece of embroidery which is ongoing.  It was really pleasing that I managed to source all the materials from my stash, and I have had the opportunity to try out a water erasable making pen.  I took some photos in the early stages, but events (too bad to tell ) have delayed progress.  Now that  I am so close to finishing I have decided not to show or tell anything until you can see it finished.


Last Saturday I managed to get to Pudsey Lace Fair.  I have never been before, and really enjoyed it.  It was worth the entrance money to see the exhibition of work which was on the first floor.  Well done all those whose work was displayed!

As I am not currently planning any lace projects, I was not intending to buy much, rather to look at the different threads which are available.  Now I will have more idea when planning my next needle lace project, as to what is available, and it probably won’t be plain white. I did make one small purchase – £1.40. Wasn’t I good?

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