Here it is

Those of you who have the book ‘Crewel twists’ by Hazel Blomkamp will recognise this design, and may notice that it is a little different in one or two places.  If you right-click on the image and open it in a new tab you can see it without the interference effect of the evenweave fabric.

Because the fabric I have used is light, and the original was quite dark, I have changed some of the colours.  I have also changed the stitches in one or two places.  The beads are larger, because I was using what was in my stash, but they seem to work .

I am really pleased with this.  There is so much I have learned so much from doing it.  I tried stitches that were new to me.  I particularly liked heavy chain stitch which I found  easier to do than chain stitch, so I will probably use again it when appropriate.

I had fun and games when it came to erasing the water-erasable pencil.  A fine spray of water was used, and I left the piece to dry.  When I turned it over I realised that I also needed to spray the back, as the markings had gone through.  I left it to dry in a warm place.  That was a mistake – but not a disaster.  I had washed the blue colour back in to the top fabric, and I think it was because I did not let it dry slowly, the colour did not fade.    Eventually it dried slowly and all traces of the marker had gone.

So what next?  I am wondering if this design would look good done in Mountmellick style, or in goldwork, or maybe both.  Any opinions?



October 30, 2012. Embroidery.

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  1. opusanglicanum replied:

    its very pretty

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