Water-erasable pens – a warning

Yesterday Mary Corbet posted on her needlenthread.com site regarding transferring designs using a pen which either fades with time, or is water-erasable.  Her main reason for advising against them is that they leave a residue, which is likely to be a problem at some time.  This residue of chemicals can either turn brown, or come back.  As usual she is so right.  If only this post had arrived a month ago!

The blue pen which I used for the item I showed you in the last post keeps coming back.  I have just sprayed it again, and hope that the blue colour will stayed disappeared this time.  If not, as it obviously spread when wet, I might have to contemplate washing the piece gently, and putting it back on the bar frames to dry.  In the comments on Mary’s post, Philippa Turnbull advise to wash in cold water, so that is probably the best way to do it.  Another comment advises that spritzing is not the best method.

When I was drawing the design, the blue colour spread into the fibres of the fabric a little, so I needed to stitch to the middle of the lines, rather than cover them with stitches, else I would not have needed to remove the lines.

I will think very carefully before using it again.  I also have a fade-out pen, which I have used, seemingly sucessfully, but this is one where the chemicals can turn brown.  I have been told by people at the Embroiderers’ Guild that this is likely to happen if the item is ever ironed.


Please be warned.


November 3, 2012. Tags: , . Embroidery.

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