White on white

In my last post I mentioned the possibility of using the design from ‘Crewel Twists’ to be embroidered using other techniques.   I got started with the Mountmellick version.


Mountmellick 1



Here you can see the early stages.   I traced the design using a mechanical pencil with a fine lead.   I am now about half way through.  Some bits are enjoyable, and others are annoying me.   I have used Pat Trott’s book, to help me get started.   It was particularly useful to know which parts should be completed first.   As in a painting, it is a good idea to start with the background and work forward, so the stems and leaves were the first to be completed.   I particularly liked the suggestion that when the thread gets fluffy, and new thread should be started, and the fluffy ones be used for padding stitches.   My Mother encouraged me not to waste anything!


I am using Mountmellick threads #1 and #2.  I actually purchased #2 and #4 for this project, but as is is a smallish compact design, the threads would have been much too heavy.  The fabric is cotton jean.   Although it is a stiff fabric, it curls at the corners. I am finding it hard going, as the fabric is closely woven, and it takes a bit of effort to pull the needle through each time, particularly when using the #2 thread.


I have learned some new stitches, Palestrina Knot and Mountmellick. In another hoop,  I have a smaller piece of fabric which I am using to practice stitches first.   Not only does it mean that the stitches on the main piece are that much better, but I also have a chance to check that I am using the correct thickness of thread for each part.


Another day or two, and I will need to put this away, probably until the New Year.   Whenever a project has to be interrupted, the same enthusiasm for it is difficult to muster.  This is one of the reasons I have unfinished projects. I suppose I must do the same as last year, and review the projects I have in progress, and get some of them finished, before I start on new ones.


It is the shortest day of the year.  I am certainly looking forward to the Spring, and hoping for better summer weather than last year.


Well, the Christmas Tree is decorated,  cards are ‘organised’ in different rooms, and the freezer and food cupboards are almost full.  That means that all there is for me to do now is wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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