My New Year resolutions are still intact, but it was a close call yesterday.

My husband gave me some money at Christmas , and I have decided to spend it on a decent work lamp, with a daylight bulb/tube and no flicker. I do most of my embroidery in the dining room at the back of the house. I can sit at the table with the window to my left, which is ideal for a right-handed person. The sun only shines on the back of the house early in the day (when I am doing my chores, so I can get on with the things I really want to do), so I am never troubled by shadow.  In the evenings, I am struggling.  I got on reasonably well with the Mountmellick  project before Christmas, but at the point when I had to put it away, I had a lot of satin stitch to do, and that required better vision.  Between Christmas and New Year I got out the tablecloth, which is my longest standing  W.I.P. and worked on it for a few hours, but I was struggling to see the lines , which are a limey green. I had to take it into the kitchen and use a pencil to go over the lines before doing the stitching.  I have a small lamp which clips on, but the clip is vicious, so I have to pad it with felt, and it is not stable.  Also the  bulb and the shade get really hot.  Unfortunately, I knocked it, and it fell off with a clatter, hit the radiator, and the bulb has gone.  So I have decided that the best thing to do is take it to the refuse tip, and buy something decent.

I have seen one I like on the internet, but it is out of stock until next month (a lot of lucky people must have had them bought at Christmas), so I thought  a trip to Hobbycraft would be a good idea.  You never know, at this time of year, they might even have reductions.  It was the reductions which tempted me.  I supposed I should have resisted the temptation to look, but they were there, just inside the door.  First I found  a Jannlynn candlewicking cushion kit – reduced from £44.99 to £10 – what a bargain!.  I must have held it clasped to my bosom for about 10 minutes, while I looked to see if there was anything else, when I remembered that this was not what I had come for, and I was about to break a Resolution.  So I put it back on the display, and continued.

I always have a general look round when I am there (or any other embroidery-related shop), because I like to what they have, so I know where to go when I need things.  Next I spotted a book, in another part of the shop.  It was reduced from £10 to £4.99, and had some really lovely lacy knitting patterns.   I had to remind myself that there is  jumper waiting for a neckband, which I am holding back to take to the craft group at the end of the month, and I would be braking a Resolution.  (Why am I holding this back?  The lighting in the room where we have the craft group is really not good enough for embroidery.)

On to the stand with the lamps and magnifiers.  They have a good selection, but I prefer the one on the internet, so I came  out of Hobbycraft without spending any money.

So after a week all my Resolutions are still intact.  How much longer this will last we shall have to wait and see.

Last night I decided to make a trial piece of Bargello.  I went through all my tapestry wool (have I really got that much?), and took out all the small amounts which need to be used up, and got started.  I found it relaxing.  I have always intended to make a Bargello cushion cover, but I think I have got a bit carried away with the amount of canvas and wool that I have acquired.  I think a lot of people will know exactly what I mean.


January 8, 2013. Tags: , , . Bargello, Embroidery.

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