Learning from mistakes

When I bought this fabric on the internet, it was described as blue.  As you can see it photographs as blue.  I was a little disappointed, because at the time I was thinking of doing this project mainly in white, with a midnight blue (ish) fabric.  Midnight blue would have too harsh, so as this looked a little softer, I bought it.  Needless to say, my enthusiasm for the project waned, and the fabric was put away.  Lesson 1 – make sure the colour of the fabric is what you expect it to be.



Then this weekend, I was enticed by a magazine listed on Ebay.   I looked at the seller’s other items, and saw two other items I was interested in, and immediately this project came to mind.  I was outbid for the magazine, but was successful with the other items.  So I have gone back to the original design, in a magazine, but then also looked at the designer’s website, where it is suggested that different colours might be used.   (White was not the main colour of the original design.)   This got me thinking…  I actually got the fabric out of the packet, to iron it, and found that it actually dove grey.   So I went to my thread drawer, and selected these soft shades.   I have not yet decided whether to use the cotton or the silk.

A few months ago I did a project, matching the colours quite closely to those photographed in the original design.   I am quite pleased with it,  but the colours are not what I should have used, as I used a much paler background fabric, and muted colours would have looked better.   Lesson two – make sure your threads look right with the backgound fabric.

Lesson three is about frames.   It is not always easy to find a frame when a project has been completed, unless it is being framed  professionally, which can be quite costly.   At a meeting of Embroiderers’ Guild a few months ago a lady pointed out it is a good idea to purchase the frames before the project is commenced.   While I have been writing this paragraph, I have remembered a frame which I bought from a charity shop.  I have been undecided whether to do all or part of the design, and the size of this frame, which is the right colour may be the deciding factor.

I am keen to get on with this, bit I know I must finish the whitework first.  It has hardly been touched since my last post, because I have been busy with other things.

In particular, I have been knitting with lace weight wool.  This is a new experience for me.  I had no idea how difficult it would be.  The lace pattern is quite complex, and a dropped stitch can be catastrophic.  This item is going to be a gift, but it might have to be for Christmas, rather than the birthday for which it was intended.  I was actually going to knit two, but it has become clear that the two skeins I purchase will only make one.  I think two might have compromised my sanity.  I am sure there is another lesson to be learned here, but I’m not sure what it is.

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