Mountmellick finished at last

This Mountmellick piece is finished at last.  I had problems deciding which filling stitches to use, and which parts should be left unfilled.  The flower on the left has net stitch, and the one on the right has cloud stitch, which were both new to me, but interesting to do.  I decided to leave the centre flower as it is, because it looks dramatic.  If it had more stitching it would not stand out.


I have been working on several future projects.  All at once I have lots of ideas.  I eventually made up my mind what to do with the butterfly, and decided that keeping things simple was the answer.

The goldwork piece in the same design as this is making progress, but the butterfly will be next, followed by something else which should be very quick to do.

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What do caterpillars do in autumn?

This morning I was taking cuttings and this is what I found under a geranium leaf.


The caterplillar looks very comfortable in its hammock, which I presume is the beginning of a chrysalis.  It looks as if he’s had a munch at the leaves, to build himself up before the winter.  He looks nicely plump.  I’m saying ‘he’, but of course the creature which emerges will be a ‘she’.  Who knows which gender a caterpillar is?  Maybe it has no gender, as procreation is not a part of this stage of its existence.

This most apt, as the project I am just starting involves a butterfly.  Having have been on holiday for a couple of weeks, not a lot of embroidery has been done lately.  I am building up steam, getting two projects ready for the cold months ahead.

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