What do caterpillars do in autumn?

This morning I was taking cuttings and this is what I found under a geranium leaf.


The caterplillar looks very comfortable in its hammock, which I presume is the beginning of a chrysalis.  It looks as if he’s had a munch at the leaves, to build himself up before the winter.  He looks nicely plump.  I’m saying ‘he’, but of course the creature which emerges will be a ‘she’.  Who knows which gender a caterpillar is?  Maybe it has no gender, as procreation is not a part of this stage of its existence.

This most apt, as the project I am just starting involves a butterfly.  Having have been on holiday for a couple of weeks, not a lot of embroidery has been done lately.  I am building up steam, getting two projects ready for the cold months ahead.


October 12, 2013. Tags: , . Embroidery.

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