Back on the job

I haven’t posted for a long time. Since the beginning of 2014 I have done a lot of things other than embroidery, and I have done a lot of trying out types of embroidery which are new to me.  Some of these have not been to my satisfaction. The most satisfying of these has been Schwalm embroidery, which I have found very calming.  I have also completed two crazy quilting cushions.

Just lately I have started getting my act together a bit more,and have completed a lot of projects large and small which had been abandonned for one reason or another.  I have also tried Ruskin Lace, which I found very tedious and difficult, and Hedebo.  Hedebo takes less setting up than Schwalm and Ruskin Lace.

I have a large project which I have worked on for 2 or 3 spells, but it is not yet ready to show you.  Another project, an experimentalon, was started, but did not work out.  Parts of it can be salvaged, and I will start again, having learned from my mistakes, but not yet, as I know where I went wrong but do not yet have a solution.

I had to decide whether to abandon this blog, or whether to get out my new camera, which I hope will give better images, and continue.

The decision has been made, as I have found a project worthy of series of post as I progress.  I have been working on it since the end of January, and it is about half completed.

On returning to this blog, I was surprised to see how many times it has been viewed, which shows the value of the tags which can be added, to help searches for particular topics.

My next post will contain some photos of work which has been completed in the last two years. The one after that will be the new project.


March 22, 2016. Embroidery.

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