Su embroidery project – further progress

Since my last post, I have been away which means that very little progress has been made since then.  I always find that if I have to break off from a project, I go back to it with less enthusiasm. This photograph shows progress after about 11 weeks of stitching, so the end is in sight.




As I get nearer to the end of the stitching I am wondering if I need to do something more to enhance the design.  For instance, I could outline the leaves to give more definition, but I am not sure whether this is in keeping with the traditional way of working. when all the outlines are filled, and the leaf veins are in place, it might be more clear what is needed.

So I will go now, and sit down for the evening to stitch, and contemplate.


May 9, 2016. Embroidery, Su embroidery.


  1. opusanglicanum replied:

    the petals have much more definition at the edges than the leaves (lovely, almost 3d) but if you outline the leaves I think it would draw them more into the foreground and thus make the whole thing flatter. as it stands the flower floats above the leaves and you focus on that primarily, which is as it should be?

  2. silkystitch replied:

    Yes, outlining the petals first seems to have been worth the effort. Maybe the leaves will look better with veins, and maybe a little more shading.

    • opusanglicanum replied:

      I’d be wary of overworking them though, it could be a delicate balance

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