Almost done

It’s almost done now.  I expect to finish by the weekend.  All that remains to be done on the flowers are the bullion knots for the stamens, and possibly a few more stitches to fill any gaps.  Bullion knots are not my favourite stitch by any means.  The dark parts at the bases of the petals look much better now that the in-between shades have been added.

The leaf veins which have already been done are definitely not right, so they will be taken out and re-done.




I still have to decide how to stitch the twig at the bottom of the picture. some knots might be parts of the solution – not out of keeping with Chinese embroidery.

A day later….

Since writing the above I have spent over two hours stitching the twigs.  I tried to get a gnarled effect by placing stitches in different directions.  It didn’t work.  It looked awful.  It drew attention away from the flowers.  So I spent the next half hour unpicking most of what had been done.

Now I am trying something else, much simpler, which seems to be working a lot better.

When the project is finished I will post a review of what i have done, and the kit.

May 24, 2016. Chinese embroidery, Embroidery, Filament silk, Su embroidery.

One Comment

  1. toomanystitches replied:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous. I admire you patience as well. Have you taught yourself Su embroidery or have you attended any classes?

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