Still doodling

Having been away on holiday I am having my usual problem.  I can’t get up any enthusiasm for the piece of embroidery I started before I went away, thinking that it was simple and quick and would be done and gone, ready for me to start something new when I came back.  But it wasn’t done, and so far I have only managed to force myself for an hour or two, twice.  I know that I will be pleased with it when it is done, but until then I am making all sorts of excuses not to get on and finish it.  And I’ve been back from holiday for over 3 weeks now!

A few days ago, when I started this post, I decided to get together all my threads, apart from the once with the current piece.  They were scattered around, a lot of them with projects, either planned or in progress.  Some which had been with one project had been taken out ‘temporarily’ to another project.  So I thought it best to put them all away in their various storage boxes.  Of course, some did not fit in the box which I had used before,because there were more of them.  So I also had to rearrange them among the boxes, and find new boxes. And then not all the boxes would go into the drawer they had previously lived in.  There is now a serious danger that I won’t be able to find something when I desperately need it!!!

Next I saw a post on Facebook about soluble fabric.  Aha!  I have some soluble fabric, I thought – I must get it out and have a go while I think of it.  Although the post involved the plasticky shiny soluble fabric, and mine is the non-woven fibre type, I continued.  I put a fairly large piece in a hoop, then had second thoughts and decided to practice on a smaller piece, too small for a hoop. I wanted to experiment and find out if it was possible to create a small piece if embroidery which hangs together without using a sewing machine.  I am using up small lengths of thread,and in effect doodling on soluble fabric, and making sure that I join the parts together with a stitch or two.  Only then will I decide what to do with the larger piece – if anything.  It might just get taken out of the hoop and put away again.

While looking for the soluble fabric I found all sorts of goodies which I have bought at various times, and never used.  All very tempting.

No wonder I can’t get back to the project which on hold.

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