The post I forgot to publish

About this time last year I bought a Su embroidery kit, and posted several updates as I proceeded through the project.  When I had finished I wrote this post, but forgot to publish it


Su embroidery kit – review


Am I pleased that I did it – Yes

Would I do another – I don’t think so.

Why not?

A kit is a good way of trying something new.

The problem with this one is that I was worried until about a week from the end that I would run out of the three of the palest colours.  I did run out of one green shade, and had very little of two pink shades left.  It would be expensive to buy more thread from China.  It’s reassuring to know that the thread being used in a kit can be bought either over the counter or from an internet shop in the U.K.

I also got annoyed with the fabric. Although it seemed to be a firm enough fabric, holes pulled at the edges of petals as I stitched, and they were not easy to disguise. Maybe I should have had a backing fabric after all.  When I had finished, and pressed the work, I was really disappointed at the amount it had pulled in.

And I have too many other things which I want to try competing in my brain to be my next project

For a first attempt at this kind of embroidery a much simpler design would have been better.  There was not much space in which to stitch and blend from the lightest of the darkest colours.

At least I didn’t get to the point of telling myself that I was crazy to the on this project!

What I might have done differently

Often we try things and they either do not work, or we realise that there is a better way.  These are things I decided not to do, or did, and wished I had not.

1.At the beginning I mounted the fabric on a backing fabric.  Then I decided, because it was not the correct way to do things, to take it off, and mount the silk in the way that I did.  It was not the way that this embroidery should be done.  So I have mixed feelings here – it was correct, but did not work out.

2.  Next I cut the brown silk skein, as recommended.   If I had been able to suspend the thread on some kind of rod, it would have worked.  but I couldn’t, and it didn’t, so I would not do this again. It was much easier to use the silk if it was wound onto toilet roll centres – two shades fit nicely on each.

3.  I commented that the needles provided were not shiny.  One of them snapped in two.  In the past I have bent many needles and pins, but never broken one (except machine needles).  So I would say that if a piece of equipment does not come up to the standard expected, don’t use it.

4.  Although I got out a magnet when I set out, I decided not to use it.  Although magnets can be very useful they do magnetise everything which contains iron.  That means needles, pins and scissors for a start.

5.  I divided the thread in two.  If I were doing a smaller piece I would definitely divide it into at least four, possibly eight, for a better finish.  This would mean that the project would take much longer, and there would be a strong likelihood that  would have to put it way for some reason, and never get it out again.  I already have three UnFinished Objects stored away

And what I would do again.

1. Simplify the petals. It was difficult enough with the simplified version

2. Do the preparatory work.  The drawing with stitch directions was particularly worth doing.

And finally

I am pleased that I did this project. It was a challenge, and I have a sense of achievement now that it is done.


My next project is something really small, and quick.

I still have not framed this piece of work.  I had a frame and mount ready, but they were no longer suitable because the fabric had pulled in too much.


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How to keep sane when you can’t stitch

For a moment, just think about your thumbs.  You use them for all kinds of daily tasks.  Whether it is unfastening a button, sliding a zipper, or steadying the handle of a cup, you need your thumbs.

So now, think about if one thumb was out of action.  You can use the other hand for some things, but not all of them.

I have damaged my right thumb.  I don’t know how.  I woke up about a week ago, and it felt as if I had bent it back with some force.  What is worse is that I am right-handed.  The thumb joint has clicked a couple of times, but I am still swollen, and it still hurts, even during the night.  I have tried a few short bursts of stitching, but I don’t think it is helping my recovery.  I was forced to go to a Knit and Natter group and just Natter!

Because we use out thumbs for so many things it is difficult to rest them completely to help the healing process.

On the first day I occupied myself by planning future projects, rummaging through fabrics and threads. I feared for my sanity.  The next day I was rescued.

The answer is a new book.  So far I am enjoying it, and I may write a review. I want to make notes as ideas come to me, but it hurts to hold a pencil.  Thank goodness for the computer keyboard!

The book is ‘Stitch, Fabric and Thread: An inspirational guide for creative stitchers’ by Elizabeth Healey.  It is published by Search press, so not expensive.  So far I am enjoying it.  However, before you rush out to buy it, I have to say that you will need good eyesight.  A good proportion of the text is in a very fine font, which, although it is not small, is not the easiest to read.  A good reading lamp helps.

I did start on the table cloth I mentioned in my post ‘Upcoming projects’, but sadly it is in a box for the time being.

Maybe next week I will be able to get back to it.

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