I did it again

Today I will show you my entry for a competition.  I won the competition in 2010.  This year I won it again.  This means that I have a trophy to keep nicely polished for the next year!  I have just taken it to be engraved.

I had been looking at a picture of a dramatic wave off and on for weeks, but I spent so long thinking about it that I didn’t have time to stitch it and do it justice. I need to do something simpler.  I thought about Japanese wave patterns, so there is some Japanese influence in the final piece.


I took a piece of polyester fabric, which has just a few fine slubs in it, with the idea of making wave pintucks.  I didn’t want nice evenly spaced tucks, as would be found on a cushion, but uneven ones, to embellish to make to look like sea waves.  It didn’t work, so I took this photo, and drew outlines of the the waves in it to use as my design.  I unpicked the stitching and washed the fabric, and thankfully the stitchholes disappeared.

I used various shades of turquoise and white threads from my stash, to try to get the feeling of movement.  There is a mixture of Cretan, Blanket, and Straight stitches, with French Knots to indicate the foam at the edge of the wave.  I embellished a little with two kinds of beads to try to give a sparkle, as would happen if the sun were shining on the water.

Here is my winning entry.


A few weeks ago I took a holiday, and the rest gave my damaged thumb time to heal properly.

Recently I have been working on several small projects, mostly practice pieces and experiments, and also on the linen tablecloth which I mentioned earlier in the year.  Two corners have now been completed, and as it is nearly Easter, and everything will be cleared away for a few days, I am just pottering, rather than start another corner, or anything else which might take more than a few days.

I have always enjoyed embroidery which is three-dimensional.  For a while I have been looking at a stumpwork project in a magazine, and that led me in to having a new look at Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.  I have been practising stitches and flowers using different threads, some with a Z twist and some with an S twist.  For those who wonder if it matters, yes, for some stitches it does.  If you go to Mary Corbet’s website http://www.needlenthread.com and do a search on ‘z twist’ you will find further information.

I have been looking for books, which are not easy to come by, as a lot of them seem to be out of print.  I have also been looking at kits, with instructions.  These seem to good value.  Another possibility is to buy cloth and threads (available from Viking Loom in York).

I find some designs for Brazilian embroidery somewhat overwhelming, with too many colours. However, even with a kit, I am not bound to keep to the same colour scheme if I feel the need to tone it down a little.

The stumpwork project has also been looked at in more detail.  The Materials list is long.  I have some of the items, such as scissors and needles, but there would be over 40 individual items to source and buy.  A red light is flashing in my brain, so it seems the Brazilian Embroidery gets the vote.

Before going any further I may just try a small project using z-twist thread in one colour only, just to see how it works out.

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