About ME

I am a retired jack-of all trades.  I have been married for 35 years. 

 In my time I have worked in Work Study (Time and Motion), Organisation and Methods and I.T. 

I.T. is an young person’s occupation, and it was undergoing great changes, so I decided to cut and run.  I took the redundancy package on offer, and the Training Grant, and I trained to be a Chiropodist (Podiatrist).   I set up my practice, and business built up quickly – I gave a very good service.  I visited some very nice homes, and very interesting places to peform my services.  And I also had some very famous clients. 

Unfortunately my idea that I could carry on after State Pension age on a part-time basis did not come to fruition.  Basically, my back gave up on me,  so I retired.

I had one Grandmother who knitted, and the other crocheted.  My Godmother taught me sewing, and my Mother enjoyed embroidery. And when each of them died, the contents of their workboxes came to me, as no-one else in the family had any interest in them.

My father was a gardener – it was his work, and his hobby, along with painting.  He had dreams of working as a Graphic Artist, but World War II got in the way.

So it is hardly surprising that I enjoy all of the above, and more.

I enjoy playing bridge, with friends, nothing too serious.

Back to the craft.

I enjoyed a bit of dressmaking, knitting, crochet and embroidery for years until I got married.  When I got married , I had two step-children, so there was less time. Whn my son waas almost two, I went to a Knitting Exhibition, and there I discovered knitting machines.  At one stage I had three.  But, alas, when my back went, I could no longer contemplate using them. That was when I opened an account with eBay!

So now my main interest is Textile Art.  That is the best description I can find for what I do – as I like to dabble in all sorts of things – marbling, felting, monoprinting, messing about with a hot iron etc.   I do a lot of embroidery,but often with my own interpretation of a design, or with a design of my own. I am a member of two branches of the Embroiderers Guild, beacuse I enjoy the meetings so much

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