Books Part 2 – Stitches

I have a number of books which deal with stitches, and most of them have ideas or projects for using those stitches.   The one which is the exception is the first embroidery book I bought,  about 40 years ago,  when I went to London with my friend to buy my bridesmaid outfit for her wedding.   We found time to pop into the Needlewoman Shop in Regent Streeet.   The price on it 10p!   It is called 100 Embroidery Stitches, and at the bottom of the cover it says Anchor Embroidery Stitches.  It was published by Coats in 1967.   I wonder if this was the fore-runner of the other books I have in this post?

I have various Anchor books, and I think I acquired all of them on eBay.   My justification for having so many embroidery (and other craft)  books is that some of them were gifts,  and others were bought for less than their original value.   I do sell one or two from time to time (which creates funds to buy more).

Here is the list:

The Anchor Book of

Counted Thread Embroidery Stitches

Ribbon Embroidery

Hardanger Embroidery

The New Anchor Book of

Canvaswork Stitches and Patterns

Crewel Stitches and Patterns

Freestyle embroidery Stitches

Pulled thread Embroidery Stitches

I would recommend any of the above for their clarity,  excellent illustrations, and the range of patterns and designs .   The full price for them now is £7.99.

The last one today is one of my favourites,  The Embroiderer’s Handbook.   It is  Country Bumpkin book,  and if I had to recommend just one book for someone starting with embroidery, this would be it.   I love the glossy feel of the pages, and the way the book is scattered with examples how the stiches can be used, and little hints and tips.   It is well woth £16.99 of anyone’s money!

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