In the last few months I have been making all sort of things, some of them nothing to do with embroidery. I have tried two kinds of whitework embroidery which were new to me.

Mary Corbet posted a design for a cutwork angel on her needlenthread.com website.  I printed it off and decided that it would make a nice angel for the top of a Christmas tree.  Here she is, a slightly simplified version of the one on needlenthread.


She is stitched on Cotton Jean fabric which is used for Mountmellick work.  I chose this because it is tightly woven, so would take stitches that were close together, and be stiff enough to go on the Christmas tree.  I did try some Paverpol at different dilutions on the corners of fabric I cut off, but when I had washed the finished piece I thought it was firm enough.  The Paverpol seemed to make the fabric a little less white, which was another consideration. The stitching is done with Coton a Broder.


I also came across an ancient kit for Carrickmacross lace.  I didn’t like the design, so I did my own using the materials in the kit.

I did exactly as described, layering fabrics and designs, and found tutorials on Youtube, and off I went.  The result was Absolutely Awful.  So I unpicked it, not having gone too far, and had a rethink for a week or two.  The problem seemed to be that the thread supplied was not nearly thick enough to look good.  I also found it very difficult to stitch through the organza and net, but not the pattern.

The second time I drew the design on a piece of Solusheet, laid net on top, topped with organza, and tacked the layers together.  This worked much better for me. Once again I used Coton a Broder for the stitching.



I decided to finish at this point, but now that I have photographed it I can see that design is not central.  That’s because I grew tired of doing this and missed out some parts of my design, which just were not working as they should.  If I have a better idea about what to put on either side of the stem, more work can be done later.

At present I have a few ideas floating round my head for new projects, some large, some small.  My current piece is very small, so that I can get it finished before Christmas, and maybe start a Very Large one in the new year.


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