Upcoming projects

I just love silk, but I also quite like linen.  I had the chance to buy a linen tablecloth for not too much.  One attraction was the size, about 122 cm square.  A lot of commercially available tablecloth kits are just not large enough for my dining table.  I just had to have it.  When it arrived I found that there was some double-printing of the design on one corner, so I have scrubbed at it, and washed it in very hot water, to try to remedy this, and also to try to lighten the outlines in general.  Before doing this I did trace the design, which has been useful, just in case the design washed out completely.  The design is lighter now, but there is a slight blueish tinge, which will probably be less noticeable once the stitching has been done.

Copies have been made of the tracing, and I have used these to do quite a lot of planning, deciding on stitches and colour schemes for the first two corners.  This project is likely to be a long one, so realistically it will be best to do one corner, and take a break before starting the next.

I really ought to look at my U. F. O.s first and maybe spend a few days getting a little further with one of them. When we get past new Year I will get started on the tablecloth in earnest, and see how it goes.

For me, it is a good idea to have a small portable project on the go, to take to Embroiderers’ Guild meetings, and other events.  I am stitch doodling onto fabric at present.  Kits are available with lines already printed on a small piece of fabric, but I want to be more free than this would allow.  My idea was to doodle with a black thread instead of marking the fabric, and see how it goes.  The first one is a Mandala. I found myself making lines with coloured threads before I could stop myself. it just seemed to be the natural thing to do.


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